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Zippo - The Omens Lyrics

When each day's just the same
We're in a lie
Frequently we will fail
To recognize
All good things on the way
We'll blind our eyes
All should take care of the
Sun as it rises

Follow the signs, don't miss any of them
No heedlessness allowed, no shallowness
It speaks through stones, lizards, crickets and ravens
It stretches through rivers, fields, clouds and flames
It shows itself through joy, struggle and pain
Beware and be aware of your own weapons

The world speaks in many ways
Everything is an omen
Got to learn the language of the world
Which does not deal with words
Right when a blessing is ignored
A sudden curse may occur

Omens can't do any harm
Omens will show you the path
Omens are scattered on earth
Omens are deep in the heart

No way to hold the river back

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