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Z-ro - Pimp On Lyrics


Time and time again, I try to cope with being poor

But I had to say just what I feel, so now I'm kicking in your door

My daughter needs pampers and milk

And my mind is confused on how we gone survive

So when you me strapped it looking with a bad one

You looking at the face of a desperate man I'm bringing the pain out with 45

But then I, fuck around and slip on my ski mask, ready to blast

Then I come through the door with a motherfucking 4-4

I want the Rolex watches and cash, and you can call the laws

I got another clip in my drawers, there'll be screaming and officers down

Because it's all about the money ain't a damn thing funny

What you got I'ma have out town, 'fore they put my ass in the ground

(Chorus - 2x)

Gotta get my pimp on, pimp on

When a nigga be hustling on them corners

Gotta get my pimp on, pimp on

When a nigga be moving marijuana

Gotta get my pimp on, pimp on

Better watch your back when it get mad

Gotta get my pimp on, pimp on

Everything in front of me's up for grabs


Hell of a hustler, got to work my muscle

got to be wondering around, in the streets

Got to feet my feet, when I steel sweets

on a solo creep, nothing but a thug

Should of drove to them hoes, never wanted hoes

Got to keep my mind on my money, cause I got a dream

While pulling up on the scene, jumping out of paper land

Tell me if Hilfiger chose those jeans

Got a crease, and it never ceased to amaze me

By the individual hustle, that'd pay me

When I got to provide for my baby, and maybe

I be creaming the fucking, music and deep got to hit the week

Got to get a fat pocket, on a get it out free

Not the H.P.D., even though Ft. Baylow can't stop it

Got to be true to the game, never new to the game

A nigga did two and a half of the game, and I show no shame

Creeping your hustle, really means mess with the way that you make your change

Got a set of pumps and a nigga fool come through, and hit from the back

Were you thinking you a g, when you fucking that hoe

But I'm laving your frame and for chest, matter of fact I'm

Ready for the money like a bombs, so I said it be running out that chrome

Niggas be coming to the serve when I slam

But they better be ready, to find them another way home

When it should of got dark, for the money

Got to take a nigga life in the hustle

Wondering brah, I don't want to make no god damn headlines

I don't want to do, no god damn fed times

(Chorus - 2x)


Could it be the worst nightmare, hoping to God

A motherfucker where a nigga don't fight fare

Sticking and moving and bobbing and weaving

I'm lowered to a gauge, hold it right there

Selling my drugs and my gorilla thugs, man it don't stop till a nigga get paid

All in my homes what I'm about, trying to move an album funky like Dre

But I'm everyday, thinking about my rent and my phone bill

And my light bill, and my water bill, and I can't spill and my people peel

Every other motherfucking day it's a sequel heal, but I keep on climbing

I gotta get the diamonds in the grill, and the creases

And the clothes but the yellow bone hoes, keep popping me and ain't stopping me

And everyday cause a nigga be knocking me, but I'ma plant this on a nigga

Even nigga want to try me, fuck around and need me here I be

Nigga where's your Ridgemont i.d., have a motherfucker hollering out why me

And it's plain to see me losing the game, my life end

Like a nigga been dying faster, feeling the pain

I'm a pistol packing Christian

Living the life of a hustler really don't give a...

(Chorus - 2x)

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