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Yung Mass - 44's Lyrics

(hook) 44 cars and clothes dats wut all my brookboys tote chevy donks 24's dats how da whole roc city roll

yung mass
ridin round roc city u kno dat i'm totin
loolkin fo some fine dimes to start pokin
cuz i be smokin and bru im rollin
hangin out da window wit da nine pointin
u dont want no problem bru cuz im focus bring da choppas out and have u runnin out yo forces (i said) u dont want no problem bru cuz im focus im a nwa like im str8 out compton beef its nuthin when im in it start runnin ridin chevy donk wit da trunk steady buckin my glock is da ish and its ready to srart dumpin you aint got no hands so yall boys cant touch us meadowbrook monster so gray monsters dat boy aint shoed his face since 08 summer and i aint heard form him since like a one hit wonder got da choppa wit one clip under
(hook 2x)
so u betta get ya mind rite before i come round ya hood wit dat iron and grip dat nine tight
oh u dont want dat so we'll come round and bust for nine nights
bang her for 40 days and 40 nights if shawty rite
and ima get up in dat thamg and beat if her body rite
i'll get her if she naughty nice da naughty type
i'll have her rollin like a ball if she party rite
got dat thing rite next to me and leave ya body sliced iight
(hook 2x)

Yung Mass lyrics