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Young Thug - 911 Lyrics

Below you can find the popular 911 lyrics performed by Young Thug. We have tried to make the 911 song lyrics as accurate as possible and hope you enjoy them.

9 11
You know I'm gon kill them when I call that 9 11
You know I'ma smoke on that hash till there's nothing left
You know I'ma cop them foreign cars till it's none left
Thousand dollar step, I'm in that 9 11
Tearing out the streets in that new 9 11
Motors [?] when you get 9 11s
Bitches turn to freaks when you in 9 11s
9 11s, 9 11s

Tearing on the block, I don't care about no cops
I ain't gon never stop, they gon race me to the top
I'm in that 9 11, just don't panic
Whip it all up out that bowl, water, Titanic
I think my car need a band aid, I'm bleeding through the streets
Me and DK on the [?] my car get a lease
Ain't nobody supposed to have it, I snatched it
I gave em mostly green like a salad, not average
Come across the ocean on a boat, then a train
I'm not tryna go to prison but I'm blowing out the brain
No shirt with a scarf on my head like Sudan
Got a bank full of cash money, Baby and Wayne, dang


Brand new AP, came from OG double D
R I fucking P, 5 mil spent in the streets
You know we gon spaz, we gon kill [?]
But we street bees, we don't have no honey hide out
Bleeding like a fool, Memphis Mark, OG boo dirty
Just hit my line when they ask I say "I know you heard me"
OG Double D left everybody's streets working
I miss him, I got RIP OG Double D on all the birdies
Feeling like Ken, hundred dollar bills on Tonka Trucks
Riding round with so many sins, I ain't gon tell em all this
The pussy nigga hit the pen, I ain't gon tell em fall back
Catch me riding in the 9 11, banging fall back


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