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Young Jezzy - Ya Dig Lyrics


Got Tha Chevy Sittin On 24" Ya Dig
Hit Tha Trap And Move a couple of them
O's Every nigga around me rock ice ya dig

(Verse 1)

Lean wit it rock wit Naw I aint dancing im just chefing them yams up
got 1 at the store another at my trap house weigh it bag it tie it then i
smash out i bet you cant do it like me stretch 4 ways like laffy taffy bet
it come back white like fabos glasses its bussiness as usual im a usual
suspect not carletos but jeezy way you want a 125 and thats easy pay


(Verse 2)

Lean Wit It , Rock Wit It Body Rock Body Rock choppa Make Your Body
Rock Monday Night Magic City throwin grands ona hoe we a hundred deep throwin
grands on tha floor meet me at the mall itz going down slick pulla off probation bout to clown
i got stacks on deck the work around the corner i still keep it at my antie house well get it right
well let the pyrex lean can you believe this bitch ask me to see my grill

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