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Young Grizzly - No Options Lyrics

Uh turn me up
Hold up...

Uh loadin up a Chopper
My hommie got a Chopper
Ran up in your house like we playin cops and robbers
The night is still young don't care if it's adopted
Tell us wheres the package cause you runnin outa options
I been loadin up a Chopper
My hommie got a Chopper
Put it on your belly or medulla oblongata
Man I aint got no patience cause I am not a doctor
But the bullets make your blood squirt right outa your body and he thought
I was playin till I held his baby hostage
I was driven by the passion and that's my designated drive
I had dope in the locker
Dope in the locker
Do it for the niggas who be broke like a promise man

We don't really fuck with anybody
We kill you and then we stand on your body
In the hood I be known for catchin bodies
In the hood I be known for catchin bodies
Uh loadin up a chopper
My hommie got a chopper
The night is still young and I don't care if it's a Foster
You be runnin outa time and runnin outa options
I don't got a heart my bitch took it and lost it

Loadin up a pistol
Blowin up your fingers
Shoot a fake nigga till I get some camera glitches
Then I snap on a nigga, the feds still listen
You could get framed till you get the bigger picture.
I ain't Trippin, I Ain't trippin
Pop another perc boy that got me actin different
Put your body in the trunk and then we throw it at the fishes
You layin in a coffin with your brothers and your sisters
Bout to get the money money for my niggas
Gag in his mouth now all he do is listen
Tied around a chair with his blood still drippin'
Blow y'nose off if you sniffin 'round my business.
Man, I ask 'em what's poppin
Nina Pistol poppin
Cigar in my fingers with a lighter in my pocket
Better walk it like you talk it
'Find your legs on the lawn
Text from your girl she tell me she got nothin on
And freedom still knockin
Better lock the door
These dawgs ain't clean blood stains on your Paws
Young Grizzly steppin out steppin as a monster
Loadin up a...
Yeah I said the hommies got a Chopper
Uh, blowin up a Chopper. the hommie got a Chopper
Throw dirt on my name and you get buried in a garden
Rest in peace to my haters, nail in the coffin
Gimme his address if any nigga got a problem man

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