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Young Duece - How Low Can You Go Lyrics

Below you can find the popular How Low Can You Go lyrics performed by Young Duece. We have tried to make the How Low Can You Go song lyrics as accurate as possible and hope you enjoy them.

Verse 1 (PJ)
No homie no no, never ride solo,
Always with my nigga Flow,
Always ride hard, Civic on nuespeeds,
Always sittin so low, low,
How I roll? So cool, so smooth,
Two b*tches in the back,
One named Stevie, other named Wonder,
(How low can you go?)
I'm the crazy one, so don't act, out of line,
They say "PJ so ludacris",
Disturbing the peace,
And watch my nine,
They say six feet is low enough, to rest your spine,
So out my mind,
I never see myself acting a fool,
To where I might, start a crime,
Unless my lyrics did it, oops,
I'm such a menace,
On this beat,
Stop, drop, and roll,
I guess my flow is lower than the heat,
Here I come, ain't turning back,
I never see me turning back,
The industry needs change,
I'm the rapper to "Brink" it back,

Verse 2 (Flow)
Man I be sittin low,
Like a low, rider out in Cali,
Watch me spark, once I drop in,
Got no Polo on my body,
Probably just rockin a tee,
With them trees in my pocket,
And my wallet's never slim,
Him got that cheese and that broccoli,
Watch me as I get it,
I got it how I lived it,
Some of that sh*t was stupid,
The cops did never get me,
So I'm good,
But these haters wanna see the kid behind bars,
So I just let them go, with the flow,
Take your time and pause...
And it's as easy as it seems,
You ain't rowing on no stream, boy,
You know this ain't no dream, boy,
This is just a detour,
You won't even feel it when I take your brain,
I be super blowed,
So on Opposite Day, they askin "yo"
(How low can you go?)

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