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Young Dro - Doodoooooo Lyrics

[Young Dro]
Ay shawty, ay, ay, ay, ay, ay. Pull over right quick, pull over
Need this nigga to wash my car right quick

Ay, get in nigga

Ay shawty, whats up boy. Shit what's goin' on nigga?
Oh uhh, shit. What's up. I'm coolin now.

[Young Dro]
Ay, I need you to wash my car for me
Umm, just hit the tires for me you know the sun out and shit
Uh, just hit the tires just the outside

Uh, shit just pull over right here rah- rah
Pu... Pull over right here rah- rah

[Young Dro]
Ay, what the fuck that... Ay, man hol...
Man you gettin' out the car. What the fuck that is in my seat?

Oh, oh, oh, oh you ain't know what that was? Oh, that's doo doo baby

[Young Dro]
Maaan, this nigga done got doo doo all in my car shawty

You know me. I'm fixin' to taste a lil' bit
Eatin' it too. Ay, boo boo baby, all in the mouth baby. Boo boo

[Young Dro]
Maaan this nigga nasty as a motherfucka

Put some more on ya baby. Doo doo baby get it baby
Doo doo all day long. Ay, doo doo
You know my name DooDoooooooooo

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