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Yogya Parsai - Pervert Love Lyrics

When I was beast in the heat
I feat with seat and clapped a beat
One beat again clapped one beat each.
As I was gentle, sleep and sit.
I sat with paper and pen
I created one sweet poem
For my love, dead love...
I danced with victoria and sang with elizabeth
Angry witch was there for rape and ruin...
Angry witch... was there for me...
But at last I found my true like, true love, true happiness and all...
When I was least lazy fellow
Sitting down and slept without pillow
Someone called me with pitched voice
Softly gently I see the light
Entering my life with new moves
But she was lady with long black hair
Her eyes were chinky...
She smiled at me but I was
Small as I was student of year
I called her name with respect
She rejoiced my call and she loved
And falling inside my heart... my heart is gone to search her love for
Me but she was my preacher... oh what a sad... I gleamed all
Words... I died once... I loved her... this all, I can

Yogya Parsai lyrics