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Yeahtim - Millennial Cries Lyrics

Your music makes me think you like the sound of crickets
I go harder than five midgets tryna fight over the last biscuit
I wrote this in five minutes
Couldn't think of a hook to go with it
So I'm just coasting and floating by
Hopin' that someone might someday be holding me tight
Got ham like beef with Batman, see me prowlin' at night
Can't box me in, I got box cutters, that's right
My fictional tales are based on true stories
I stop Vines halfway cause they too borin'
They want the old me, but I wanna stay young
Can someone explain where money comes from?
You can tell how nice people are by their local birdies
Swear to God that drinking makes me thirsty
All I feel is headwind, but I just wanna ride the waves
So many people on the train, and they all look the same
My worldview is messed up, but at least I can see
Sliced bread is the best thing since me, guaranteed
And I'm fat enough to not care about fashion
It just happens that ass-kickin' is my passion
If I'm not smiling that means I’m pseudo-depressed
And that's the realest shit I never do express
I can't pluck my unibrow without crying
Every single day is the only time I think about dying
So when I die you can bury me in a potato farm
Give my guns to science, they can take all my arms
But I might become immortal by mating a lobster
Eating nothing but Italian like I am a mobster
Don't bow to no man cause they bleed like I bleed
I have yet to meet a man who seek what I seek
Do the googles, man, I'm hot on these streets
Genius at work, I am culture on these beats
Check the record, all my music is HD quality
I got a disorder, half the time I be fronting
A wise man once said nothing
A wise man once said nothing
A wise man once said nothing

Person 1: What the hell was that? What did I just hear?
Person 2: What do you mean?
Person 1: What do you mean what do I mean? Did we just hear the same thing? None of the shit he says makes any sense. None of the lines are Connected in any way. This is total random nonsense
Person 2: Random nonsense? Come on, man. This is art. We're in 2016, and you still don't understand art. Get with the times, man, stop living in the past
Person 1: Art? Art my ass. "Got ham like beef with Batman." That shit corny, dawg. You can't say that and get away with it. Are you serious?
Person 2: Oh, come on, man. Can't you hear the pain in his voice? He got a lot on his mind, man. Read between the lines, it's all there. It's all there. He's just tryna connect with the listener. You can't organize all your thoughts. This is real. You just don't get it
Person 1: A lot on his mind? I got a lot on my mind, let me tell you. You know, my mom, she refused to make me a sandwich. And I was hungry. You know how that feels?
Person 2: Yeah, man. That's real pain. But you know you gotta put that in a record though. Put that in a record and share your pain with the world. The world needs to know the pain we going through. Like that's what we're going through, that's what teens are going through. Like our moms, they won't make us sandwiches. What are we supposed to do? Make our own Food?
Person 1: Okay, okay. You know, I think I get it now. I think I can appreciate this now. It makes sense when you say it that way
Person 2: Yeah, man

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