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Xv & The Squarians - L7 Party (freestyle) Lyrics

Yea, yea
A gentlemen joint
Freddy brought 3 of those
Yea, uh

My girl got new plates, on a brand new Audi
Told her come to my place
Celebrate and get naughty
She got friends in the lobby
And all they do is do Molly
And they ain’t crew but 40’s come
My niggas make it a party
Sour D is my broccoli
Tight coo is my sake
All grades food in my coupe
Business coupe Degrassi
We should open the kinko’s
Cuz all yall do is make copies
And all I do is make facts
While your sounds getting so sloppy
I hang with kids, it’s J Harkas
I hang with bitches and brothers
And I’mma tell you lights rock us
Live long and prosper
Live long and prosper
Live long and prosper
Bring that pack in my rucka
And you don’t know when it might pop up
L7, we risin
Yo power circuit fuck riot
I put these niggas on a diet
The game is getting em excited
Bad bitches get loud
Whack bitches be quiet
And if your ass is solid
Guess who wasn’t invited?
My type of party

Yea man
Yo Racks, wuddup man?
You, I’m over here dog
Feel like old times, right?
Let me get some of this
I told you

Cause damn she got a fat ass
Plus she got a small waist
Her friend got a nice body
And tits that looked replaced
Bartender ordered 2 shots
Down to bitches now, no chase
Said we just wanna have fun
Now they just wanna have fun
I got bottles all in my section
Girls that go both directions
And they both undressin
But I just got one question
I just got one question
I just got one question
Where’s the weed? No stressin
Where’s the weed? No stressin
It’s L7’s great game
No need to explain
I roll with niggas that gank
I roll with friends that drank
Said X Box 360
Say order PS3
Say order PS3
Said X Box 360
Uh, shout to on point like board games
Niggas tryina ball, that’s small change
We the arcane up in the game
No square gang over anything
So we ball hard, no looks
C3P0, what it grow, look
Got bitches up in the lobby
Me and X, we tryina party

Ladies and gentlemen, turn your volume up and get ready to hear the best show in the world
This is DJ Richie

Xv & The Squarians lyrics