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Wizzard - Nacht Der Verdammten Lyrics

Below you can find the popular Nacht Der Verdammten lyrics performed by Wizzard. We have tried to make the Nacht Der Verdammten song lyrics as accurate as possible and hope you enjoy them.

We've caught another witch We want to know the truth The torture room is ready She must say the truth We've caught another witch And now we know the truth The pyre and fire are ready She is the... You can fly like an eagle Having the features of the beast Bringing lightning and storm Perverse mind of evil Sharp woman of the night You don't know morality [chorus] The witch of the cheat, the ghost of the night Is mother and wife during the day Without this faith you want to live having sin While your baby is sleeping The trip of corruption begin There are two split sides of you instruments of the Devil Orgiastic rites in your meeting Dance and banquet for the Sabbath Worshipper of pagan divinities No one knows the magic secret And the reason of your transformation Children's fat on your skin [chorus] I've left my bed to fly away Every night I've haunted these places You are the cheat, ghost of the night, Devil's woman

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