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Walking Shapes - Keep Lyrics

I stayed right beside you
It was more than you could give and it's not nice
Undivided all the time
It was not so innocent

Won't you circumnavigate, whole?

Don't keep off
Won't you just wake up?

I never really understood it so much honestly
All the time we spent witnessing love
I feel like a prophet lamenting the future
Even still I fell into you wholly anyway
Life's too short to simply cauterize
Look, I'll spin like a record
Just keep digging the future

Are you circumnavigating, whole?

I can not rest or awake without wondering whats on your mind
Just say what you're thinking
Im here, I won't fight
We could collect on the mountains
Or lay stripped by the riverside
Just say what you're thinking.

Understanding who I was
Hearts of animals

Beyond it all, behind you still.

Walking Shapes lyrics