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Vybz Kartel - Nah Climb Lyrics

Below you can find the popular Nah Climb lyrics performed by Vybz Kartel. We have tried to make the Nah Climb song lyrics as accurate as possible and hope you enjoy them.

[Intro: Ahmaric voice chanting]
Let mi translate it for you all, you know it's kartel
Up to di time jam 2 afta mi say inna mi karl kani
yuh believe it say some bwoie get red eye
So mi a say roun to di hour di bwoie dem start run dung versace
now man have dem back part scorchy jam 2 yuh si mee

[Verse 1]
Mi naw climb pon carl batty
Fi wear john paul gotti
Mi rise one tall shotty wi kill batty man
From mi gi oman tall cocky
Dem rail and bawl papi
Dem say mi a dem jockey jockey whey ride gal
Nuh when chris harmond call jockey
Mi ood nuh guh tru batty
It nuh guh tru puberty it guh tru pussy
Nibble two breast like two patty
Wi naw nyam sue jackie
Like dem a stew ackee so, if a you toppy

[Chorus x2: Ward 21]
Mi rise up my berry so rise up your berry
Shot dem from primary go straight tru tersherrie
Mek dem burberry ketch a fiyah like michael jackson curl jerry
Inna di pepsi ad

[Verse 2]
Dis a nuh Ja Rule or Irv Gotti
Whey a reserve batty
Jam 2 and kartel yet neva kiss a man
Cau wi ain't like R. Kelly
Nuh tongue inna har belly
Buddy wi mek scar shelly an wi nuh nyam oman
So what would you do sonny
If yuh catty waan yuh put har pon di menu sonny
Would yuh tek sue fi tofu sonny
No sonny da statement dey don't funny
Not even fi mo money mi a bwoie whey go gunny

[Chorus x2]

[Verse 1]

[Verse 2: w/ changes]

Vybz Kartel lyrics