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Vociferian - Babel Tower Lyrics

Below you can find the popular Babel Tower lyrics performed by Vociferian. We have tried to make the Babel Tower song lyrics as accurate as possible and hope you enjoy them.

As the wind of despise blows your tower down
I laugh for you believed in me so easily
The triumph of the usurper beast
Impure rapture

Exploiting your cupidity to serve our fucking cause
And give to your lord what he deserves

A thousand name to call him
A thousand name to call the beast

Building this tower of self-sufficiency
Pretension and power greed
To break through the skies of human ignorance
Thousand years of decadence
Consciously slighting the gods

You'll no more speak the divine language
Bounds of iron will stand between your species
Compassion you will forget
And the rest you will fear
Your fate is sealed

Creating this monument in his glory
Beyond all calumny
Catholic blasphemed requiem will play forever
Holy terror keep spreading on
As we're asking for Satanik repentance
Time for heaven relinquishment

The worm eaten cadaver standing in front of you
Is nothing but your own reflect.

Babel Tower...

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