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Vlad - Misanthropy Lyrics

Condemned to the fate of men
Convinced that he knows
Everything there is to be
Tricked by what he sees
His passion is displayed
In carnal acts of rage
So called facts carved in stone
Lined with blood to set the tone
Comedy and tragedy
Are one in the same
The play begins with innocence
And ends in the grave
To believe in prophecy
Is to betray intuition
Magical and blasphemous
No competition won
In this shared reality
There is no difference
Between truth and lies
Or life and death
Nothing is certain

We have all been blind
To fallacy of time

We have already died
We are already dead

Everything that you have feared is here and is real
Anything imaginable is happening all at once

This planet is corrupted with sickened human filth
Plaguing the generations to never awaken again

You caused all of this to happen
(And you will never ever admit to it)
You started all wars
(And you will never win)

You will die
You are dead
You are a lie
Get this through your head...

You were never alive!

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