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Vlad - Living Ghost Lyrics

Lost in the light, and weak in the dark
Your mind is a cage, you're trapped in your thoughts
Driven by spite and nourished by none
Endless and hopeless

Constant and pure, the evil in you
From all of the pain you've had to endure
Your eyes do not see what you have become
Endless and hopeless

The answers to life are not in your reach
The gods do not care about your defeat
You're wasting your time with the objects you seek
Endless and hopeless

Rotting slowly, the cycle remains
Closer to death, everyday
Suffering ends when there is no life
Endless and hopeless

You were born to be free
Unbound by society
Freedom from hypocrisy
Freedom to conspiracy

If you never question
You will never know
If you remain silent
You're a living ghost

Humans are demons
We all live in Hell

Vlad lyrics