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Vlad - Reality Defiled Lyrics

Below you can find the popular Reality Defiled lyrics performed by Vlad. We have tried to make the Reality Defiled song lyrics as accurate as possible and hope you enjoy them.

I'm a human being
Insane and retarded
Malicious and destructive
I no longer have control
I'm infatuated with my perception of love
This life is full of blackness, though I maintain hope

I clutch to the dying
Insanity provoked
Holding onto nothing
Falling into unknown
Unconscious and foolish
Blind to present-future
Withering and fading
Forward into the past

I'm falling into space
I follow my own path

The living are chaotic
Consciously unperceptive
Focused on escape
Reality defiled
Rapacious and selfish
Blood thirsty animals
Competing with eachother
And against their own reflection

Dwelling in their cages
Feeling safe from harm
Ignoring all their problems to abandon what they see
Listening to no one
Addicted and compulsive
Erasing their minds with lies they love the most

I hail myself for reasons that I am
I hate myself for reasons I am not

I am that I am

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