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Vlad - Carnal Carnival Lyrics

This is a pain I cannot sedate
With each breath I take I'm closer to my fate
I am myself, I am what I create
I am myself, I am my hate

My hate is a burden
My love is dying
My mind is burning
My eyes are lying
I trust no one
Everyone's a stranger
I can't trust myself
I know myself too well
The curtain has been lifted
The past is evidence
It's draining me of substance
My hunger only grows
I cannot recede into my personal shell
I am forced into my personal hell
Searching for answers in all the wrong places
Twisted and demented
It's a carnal carnival

The darkness that I know
Is the darkness that I am
I want to disappear
I want to be happy
I want to know I'm safe
I want to know my purpose

I see through your plastic mind
And your recycled beliefs
You survive to be satisfied
You use your sins to pacify

Lift the veil up from your eyes
The future isn't real
Pay attention, or you may owe it

Vlad lyrics