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Virginia - Corner Lyrics

Below you can find the popular Corner lyrics performed by Virginia. We have tried to make the Corner song lyrics as accurate as possible and hope you enjoy them.

You dropped me off at home
How'd you let me go if this love was real love,
You might think that I'm weak
Cause at times I can't speak
All I want is you back
I believe love's something more than what you said before, I can't understand.
If I can't be who I am and try to hide the worst you're loving someone else.
But You know if you want me to I can be brave and behave a couple more years,
And then short after I will be gone, you'll forget I was ever near.
Let me know if you're happy this way
I'll make sure that I disappear.
I don't care if it's you or me to blame
Cause for now I still love you the same.
Would you want me to still come and visit you at night, I will wake you up through the curtain flashing a light
I won't let you go, we'll forget that we had a fight, please come pick me up on the corner one more time.
Like all the paramours that suffered to have more and got there a bit too late
I'm the fool in love cause I fell in love and was too blind to go away.
You'll steam my tears right off my eyes with a towel covering my head.
Despite all I might crave I'm the first to say pretend I never said a thing.

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