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Veronica Farren - Small World Lyrics

Stoned at the song of a chorus
By the great divide.
Followed them into the forest.
World is on its side.

Change in choices,
Stranger scenes,
Virgin voices,
Different dreams.

But the streams share the same water.
Steam of the fall spreads to all,
Still, Im honored
When they ask me if I'll stay.
All my friends, they live so far away

Steer open reigns into danger
Till our fear is freed. (in he clear)
Peer thru the panes onto strangers,
My eyes begin to bleed.

Untold treasures,
Twisted teas,
Folklore legends,
Custom keyes

But the breeze blows a bounty of foreign feathers wherever we fly.
I've sang my serving of goodbyes.
As something in the corner caught my eye

Life on this land is absurd, I
Give my full consent~
Climb to the canopy- bird's eye.
Such disillusionment

Unsung sermons,
Newfound files,
Open earnings,
Wildcard viles

But the smiles and their eyes will be on all faces
Every race in our soup of souls,
A chase to taste control~

I don't know if I could go,
To anyplace outside that glow.
This small world's all about the flow

Veronica Farren lyrics