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Usda - Corporate Thuggin Lyrics

Below you can find the popular Corporate Thuggin lyrics performed by Usda. We have tried to make the Corporate Thuggin song lyrics as accurate as possible and hope you enjoy them.

I said Im corporate thuggin
Until the day I die That's the way it's gonna be
Thug Motivation Im bumpin in (??(my 3)??)
Blowin on some killa shit That I got from Zone 3
Blowin Orange Mile Yeah we call it Tennessee
Im good in every hood Everybody know me
So don't wake me up I swear to God Im dreamin
(??(Pray fo Uncle Ray)??) Yeah dat nigga still beamin
Lookin fly in the cock pin Dat nigga still leanin
Money out here So a nigga still schemin
And I don't make music fo da muthafuckin critics
They don't understand cuz they ain't muthafuckin in it
And I ain't trippin on the source I got a muthafuckin plug
(??(Kepp the ??? lights)??) Im still a muthafuckin thug
Now the question is Can a nigga really rap?
And they ask you Is you eva been to da trap?
Bitch I make hits You niggas waste time
And I be God damn if I let you waste mine
I like change for the better But Im still strapped
Trigga happy nigga Dont make me relapse
Attitude like fuck it, They hatin anyway
And I can give a fuck what a nigga gotta say
You still talkin blow? You God damn right!
What else Im gon' say that's my mu-fuckin life
I just left Jamaica Im talkin just?????
Sippin margaritas on the beach in madres
Brought a few pills But thats only fo da skeezas
Used my black card But that's only fo da reefa
Whats up (Let's go)

Not a day go by
That I ain't high
Hit da mall errday
Nigga I stay fly
26 inches
Yeah Im sittin up high
And Ima keep it hood
Homie dats no lie

Usda lyrics

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