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Tyler James - Nothing Lyrics

mmm mmm
mm m m m mm
Oh baby I love to count my blessing
But there aint much there to see,
And baby I love tell the king
But that dont apply to me,
Whether outside its looking hopeful
Still it always rains on me
I'd love to keep on guessing
What lies in store for me,

But I,
Hold on, be strong, pretend there's Nothing wrong
Keep on, pos-er-tivly
No-one owe's me nothing


Nothing at all
No-one owe's me nothing
If I should trip or fall,
Winning extra sleep for delight,
Holding on for dear life,
Looking for that something,
No-one owe's me nothing,
Nothing at all.
Nothing at all.

I go outside to make my daydreams
come reality,
Gotta quit sleeping and stop waking
Up, to my posiblity
I know my day is what I make it,
If only i'm here to please
I got cease it and just brace myself
For what gets thrown at me,

Hold on, be strong,
Pretend there's nothing wrong
Keep on, pos-er-tivly,
No-one owe's me nothing


Oo didem dii
dadem do do
didem diiii


No-one owes me nothing
Nothing at (nothing at all)
No-one owe's me nothing
If I should trip,(I should trip or fall)
Delight, holding on for dear life
No-one owe's me nothing...

woooo yeeaaaa woooo

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