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Two On Da Road - Da Road Lyrics

[Intro: Prodigal Sunn (12 O'Clock)]
(Eh yo P. Sunn!)
What's up, baby?
(We gon' rock this shit for 2099)
Uh huh no dount, sun
For real son you gotta let them cats know
(We represent W-U, Brooklyn Zu and Sunz of Man)
Word up, how that shit go? (How that shit go?)

[Chorus 2X: 12 O'Clock (Prodigal Sunn)]
If you feelin our shit, throw ya hands up
Call ya mans up, Sunz of Man's up
Brooklyn Zu's up, whole Wu is up
Better ask the fans what's up
(Two On Da Road, we rock mics platinum and gold)

[12 O'clock]
Pull the escalade in the front, cheetah's got the stunts
My man P got the blunts stinkin like a skunk
Niggaz rollin up junk, puffin on junk
Got the chronic in the trunk, in the nickel plated pump
Do the Humpty Hump, Electric Slide
Doin the hustle with a chick named Mary Blige
Tellin True lies, fuck around you die
Rich black young niggaz from Bedford-Stuy {*echo*}


[Prodigal Sunn]
Spark the reign on the club scene, pocket full of dubs of green
Bitches fiend for these international thug machines
Millionare Dreams, livin our dreams, my team gleam
High pro glow, rock 80 G's a show
and the ladies know, know how the Mercedes flow
Got no time for a shady hoe, live on your radio
See us in video, MTV, Two On Da Road
5 times platinum, 10 times gold
12 and P, we're rhyme officials
Don't make us diss you, or dismiss you
Drinken Aleon and Henney rock, me and my son Clock
Shit's hot on the block, tell em 12 O'Clock {*echo*}

Chorus 2X

[12 O'Clock]
Check the 420 buggy eye, pearly white
Interior white, license plate's Brooklyn Zu
Goin upstate, my little brother got some weight
How long you gonna make me wait?
Leave me some weed, plus the hotel key and the heat
Niggaz might creep, think you meek, but you is meek

[Prodigal Sunn]
I hold you down to the very end, buryin men
Fuck, nothin pretends, and I do it again
Testin live from the Wu-Mansion, whole crew dancin
Exotic bitches, pretty faces, romancin
Beverly Hills, Bel-Air, truth or dare
You can catch me in the square, 50 braids in my hair

Chorus to fade

Two On Da Road lyrics