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Two On Da Road - U Remind Me Lyrics

[Intro: Prodigal Sunn]
Just like 'em..
Yeah.. uh-huh.. yo
What y'all know about this? (platinum)
Real in hip-hop, real to the core
What y'all know about this?
Two On Da Road, here we go (platinum, stack 'em)
Yeah, yeah..
DJ's, what y'all know about this?
Uh-huh.. spin it.. spin it

[Prodigal Sunn]
Supreme forces, roll with a team of surpreme bosses
Steam sticky green, get CREAM, no time for losses
Shine for all to see is with the Royces
Shorty in the crowed, sky blue mink
Lookin' gorgeous, the Taurus
Saw my face, V.I.P.
Her name was Macey, whisper in my hear "Taste me"
"Listen, baby, I don't eat nothin' I can't digest
Let's take it back to my rest and relieve some stress
Drizzle on ya flesh, nibble on the nipples of ya breasts"
Caress.. tried to put me to the test
Got fitness, fitnessed..
Girl, it's the Godbody Squad like Gotti
Do it to the dirt like Rocky, stay cocky
It's the kid, with the 2 on his chest, 2 through ya vest
Media's news reporters askin' "Who made a mess?"
It wasn't me, I was laid up in the West Indies
Me and the kidney served Daquiri's, mixed Remy
Feel me?

[Chorus 2X: Shyheim]
U remind me of this girl I used to know
Cook her crack on the stove but she had it mold
You look just like this girl I used to fight
But she turned dyke, no dick in her life

[12 O'Clock]
I know this chick, long hair, gorgeous lips
Handle a fifth and kept a clip next to her clit
And extra bullets in some tissue wrapped in her tits
Gangsta bitch'd set a nigga up quick
Got the gift like St. Nick's, pretty and shit
Lure a nigga to his crib, bang him for his shit
She sick wit it, got a big ass and hips wit it
Catch a six figure fuckin' a midget, who is it?
Her name is Lucy, she played it BIG first video
'Juicy', I met her on the set of 'Come Do Me'
At a Puerto Rican store coppin' a looseleaf
Who's she?

[Chorus 2X]

[Prodigal Sunn]
Yo I beat up team up G or naughty
Black and Italian, exquisite body
Give it in karate, candy apple red Ferrari
Bushido me, brolic ass Lex hips
Flossy, met her on the sixteen of May
Up in Roxy, she was doin' her thing, I was doin' my thing
Split her slang thru her iced up grill plus shinin' ring
Timin' was set, peeped her glancin' at my diamonds wet
Brook-lawn vet, real as it gets, place ya bets
Goated in Tibet, hotter than ya deepest desires
Girl on fire in the Gucci attire, they call me sire
World reknowned, Two On Da Road, ya know the sound
When you see me in the hood of ya town don't look astound

[Chorus 4X]

Two On Da Road lyrics