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Two On Da Road - G's Up Lyrics

[Intro: Raison the Zoo Keeper (Prodigal Sunn)]
Yeah y'all, we back at y'all
(Yeah y'all ready to see the legion?)
Yeah (Brooklyn Zu, Two On Da Road, lay down)
Big boy shots!

[Chorus: 12 O'Clock]
G's up, punk niggaz down
Homey get it, homey spread it around (that bread)
I'm from the place where's crack/cocaine
And they put it in ya brain and he feel no shame
God forgive them, nigga, don't know how to act
Cuz where we from they don't feed the blacks
So relax, or just jog on this track
And get that fuckin' money and bring the shit back

[Prodigal Sunn]
Noble minds as I rise to the top
From guns and crackspots, move it to the last drop
Move for the cash in the pot, move for my nephews out on them blocks
Move for my sons with them ratchets ready to pop
Eyes heavy off them green crops, supreme we rip shots
Slipknots, never catch me slippin' with no flip-flops
Livin', my op's driven with rocks, I keep a fox
Nice with the ox and know how to box
With a body like Deborah Cox, she from the Red Sox
I'm a Brooklyn nigga from the town of the dead lock
Dirty glock, feds and cops, devilish plots
Twist a nigga shell in a knot, we tell not
Milkin' the cow, we stay hot
Two On Da Road, Sunzini, that nigga 12 O'Clock
The Biggie and Pac to this rap shit
Y'all niggaz get slapped quick
Hood rich, hood thick bitch get off the dick


[12 O'Clock]
The place where I'm from is known through the world, nigga
Guns and knives get carried by girls
It's the underground train station, pigeons and squirrels
And I, rock a fo'-fo', named him Earl
And he got a twin sister and that handle is pearl
And she hidin' under my shirt so let's get 'em girl
And her brother in the trunk right next to the furs
When a nigga bust off around corners and curbs
Shooter number one and together they merge
And they hit a nigga body 'til he buried in dirt
Now there's blood on his shirt, it's to church in a hearse
And the Grandma cryin', get some tissue outta mama's purse
First of all, Brooklyn come first
And Zu come second, and them guns come third
I hope you heard, Two On Da Road
And we hittin' ya city, come young, come old


[Outro: Raison the Zoo Keeper]
Yo we doin' this for a reason
My brother Menace up in here
He do it for a reason
And that's how it's goin' down!
Can y'all feel me? Huh?

Two On Da Road lyrics