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True Believers - Another Blessing (ohh Wee) Lyrics

Verse 1- I woke up this morning, got up outta my bed. Looked around and here's what I said. Thank you Lord for another day. And all the blessings you send my way see I could've been dead sleeping in my grave. But you told death get back and behave. ohh wee

C: Ohh Wee
L: Another blessing
C: Another blessing
repeat 2x

Verse 2- I never seen the righteous forsaken nor a seed begging for bread. I can count on God he won't let me down. Always do just what he said now. Pain and suffering he brought me through arms open wide always welcome you I been blessed so many ways I can lift my hands and give him all the praise. ohh ohh ohh wee


ad-lib out

True Believers lyrics

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