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Tristan Omand - The Way Of The Wind Lyrics

Ive got a spirit, but I aint holy
Got a hole in my heart
Theres a train, I think I hear it
A song of love in the dark

The dawn is coming, birds are ringing
Bells are singing in the church
Ford Rancheros, and Plymouth Dusters
Can barely muster horsepower up the hill

But they all go, dressed in white, some in grey
And there I sit, in the farthest row,
Smelling of booze, and sex, and smoke

And the best of everything you know
Is how to numb your head
Stiff drinks, and lipsticked Winston cigarettes
Deaf to all the daily things,
Longing for the one, short moment
In the garden and the sun

Ill leave that morning, with no goodbyes
Ten dollars in my coat
And as the sun shines through leaves
Ill stop roadside and have a smoke

Like night a fallin
Or years a passin
I will not grow younger or grow old
Ill keep you with me
In the sun and in the cold

Tristan Omand lyrics