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Trick Trick - Twerk Dat Pop That Lyrics

{"Antt did the track.."}

[Chorus: Trick Trick]
Get-get this paper (twerk dat pop that!)
Work that shaker (twerk dat pop that!)
Go 'head baby (twerk-twerk dat pop that!)
Turn around lady (twerk dat pop that!)
Everything on us now (twerk dat pop that!)
Turn down for what now (twerk, twerk dat pop that!)
Bag it up, turn around now (twerk dat pop that!)
Let me see you drop it down now (twerk, twerk, twerk dat pop that!)

[Trick Trick]
Who said gangstas don't do that? Cuz, they lyin
In the back of the pussy club, s'all mine
Gettin drenched by the cheese, spend 'em rain and shine
Then head to another one, hairless, flyin
What up to the DJ, straight to the back
Ten racks to the waitress, change all that
20-somethin years old, ass so fat
Them boys in the club, D hats all black
Tops comin off, ass on the flo'
Guess ten ain't enough so I gotta get mo'
They'll lose their mind if I head to the do'
They don't love me, they love the bread I blow
Goddamn~! Down on they hands and they knees
Scratchin after scratch like rats for the cheese
I'm a dog, I even got scratch for the fleas
Touch my money you could touch on these


[Royce Da 5'9"]
I've got a white girl (I got a white girl)
She's a dancer (it's Tricky!)
She do whatever I say no matter what I ask her
Her action's the answer (talk to 'em)
Of course she know I got a black girl (I got a black girl)
Who's also a dancer (also a dancer)
Don't talk about your life, don't wanna hear about your bottles and ice
Cause we got Marshall out the house tonight
Stay awake

I'm in V.I.P. with no ID with a pint of Beam lightin cheeba
Whylin the fuck out like Bieber at 19, or Ice-T in the '90s
Frightenin in some Nikes slut, nice D's, there a slight breeze?
Don't like me? Well then bite me, there might be
a better chance of Flight 370 turnin up than us bitch (highly unlikely)
Little dyke think cause I'm Libra, you're Pisces
and you're feisty that you're like me and you might find that we're like-minded
We ain't nothin alike diva, you like sleeves, I'm a wife beater you white tease
Bet you like skiing though, right skeez?
The way you're damagin yourself on the poles
Why don't you grab this one and +Do the Right Thing+ like Spike Lee
And look out like you're sightseeing and invite me in the back and bite me
in the (GODDAMN) shake that ass and titties Cassidy felt that
Dick so fat it could practically snap her chastity belt strap
Standin all in the back where my hotel's at, she actually fell back
and landed in someone else's lap and laughed, she thought she sat on Pharrell's hat
(Twerk dat pop that!)

[Chorus] - minus first line

[Trick Trick]
Fresh out of damn near everything I had
Lil' homie just grabbed the whole damn bag
I could spend all year, never blow my stacks
Gettin white boy wasted, hold my Mac
Back to the spot, roll some'in up
So blown last night I toked some'in up
Lookers want anything, ain't got enough
In the club with these broads that's ready to get fucked
They drinkin, smokin, touchin, rubbin
Rollin, crowd's in love with my thuggin
Lick it, taste it, kiss it, suck it
SHIT! Tryna see who I'm fuckin
Drop that thong, grab that pole
Bend it over, let me see what I can do with that OHHH!
Stack's so big it ain't never gon' fold
All the money I spend, y'all ain't never gon' close


Trick Trick lyrics

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Songwriters: Christian Mathis, Marshall Mathers, Ryan Montgomery