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Toyah - Race Through Space Lyrics

(Willcox / Bogen / Bush)

Please show me a place
We race through space like a dying race
Music shoots through my eyes
Trapped in a chamber of hollow sound

Lonely growing child
Trapped within the sand
Had a little life
Grasped within the land
I see marble in the church,
Upon the throne I perch

After my birth

Sky is falling,
My eyes are sinking in
Embryo's still growing
Alight my reign of sin
Sky is falling in

Wings are damp
Funeral's out of hand
Child's cries echo across the sand
Child dies now forgotten land
Who knows, living through time

Embryo grows

Oh, the arches seem so high
Towers of glass deform my sky
Gothic crosses make me cry
Remain nomad, repeating the lie

Watch me grow
(Watch me grow)

Toyah lyrics