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Topr - Face In The Crowd Lyrics

take off your game face and put on your strange face baby

I pay my rent, speaking in beautiful shades of contempt
got my whole family saying "fuck the government"
todays a beautiful day to not get out of bed
and when I finally wake, and shake the voices from my head
ill step into the night, with malicious intent
climb on the rooftops and watch the world end
as the sky descends, I realize that I'm blessed
having the time of my life, as I drink myself to death
I'm a cigarette in the hand of fate
only the good die young and godDAMN I'm great
I'd love to live forever but since cancer cant wait
when theyre playing my song I dance in front of the (trade?)
if my train goes off the tracks, pick it up, pick it up, pick it up back
back on the scene half man half machine
going to bars every weekend, taking shots of gasoline
the darkening of our dreams
when we follow our dreams
they try and target our dreams with all these marketing schemes
advertising campaigns satirized with brand names
but I guess I cant complain in a thinking mans game
the reason they go against me is because I go against the grain
coming off the top of the head, like Cobain
and the only time I ever thought about offing myself
was the second I realized I was like everybody else

I'm just a face in the crowd, another statistic
a name in the phone book, a glitch in the system
original thinker, but a victim of conformity
overweight drinker small piece of the majority
( x2 )

my scheme inside the machine
I'm throwin wrenches with henchmen
in the trenches countin seconds to armageddon.
prepare for warfare, trained veteran, veins deaded
brain contains a weapon that rains adrenalin
I'm the difference between aspirin and mescalin,
your last legs in your second wind
down forever got my back with a masculine or feminine
im askin if you've ever been comfortable in the skin that you've settled in
'cause sometimes I dont even feel like myself
I'll admit it, but its not like its anybody's business
try and mimic the cynic
get treated like a fiend addicted
to a verbal prescriptive and battle for drink tickets
they say I got a problem, but its more like a solution
lightin up this bong with pages of the constitution
blasphemous passages, help me to deal with insecurity
developed from one too many bad acid trips
off balance, mindset cancerous
define myself not by what I stand for
what exactly do I stand against?
commandeer the first amendment
slap america senseless
leave uncle sam crucified on white picket fences
restless like an immortal man standing
at the edge of existence with a death wish and reckless abandon
clenching my fists, I think that everybody hates me
I just wish they spent more time hating fake MC's


this is for all of my folks, from the ballers and the locs
to the scholars who are broke
for all the rides on the bus
for all the smiles, and the hugs
all the memories and the times we were in love
for all the lies and mistrust
for all the violent disgust
for all the nights we were drunk, or
high off the drugs
I'm speaking to ya, man to man
'cause life got me pulling my hair out, strand by strand
in the worst of times I perverse,
so I remain triumphant
against all odds and assumptions
I have dreams of throwin bottles at republican incumbents
my crew be starting riots at the b-boy summit
screaming fuck the government
big up to graffiti vandals
lightin molotov cocktails, like candles
understand bro, I'm not a traditionalist
sometimes I think I catch tags to remind myself
that I exist in a fucked up world
of (PCF'ing?)
survival is a vital lesson
learn that, and finally earn your right to die with blessing
this is my aggression, acknowledge this drunken rage
cuz even when I'm passed out in a pool of my own vomit
I got more presence than your whole entire crew does on stage
I define MC, cool while I stay true to myself

y'all motherfuckers wanna be more like me

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