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Tool - Message To Harry Manback Ii Lyrics

I'm trying to take a nap but
I couldn't sleep overnight because of you
Ugh, you really hurted me,
Ohhhh you really hurt me
When I was high,
You called me an asshole?
Quanto mi fai schifo 3
Pezzo di merda 4
Have you ever been trying to take a nap?
My heart beats too fast
Because I'm thinking of your fucking ugly face
Youyou suck
Fai schifo 3
Pezzo di merda 4
Fai proprio schifo 5
Vaffanculo 6, va,
Stronzo bastardo 7.

1 Piece of shit / asshole (as in a person who isn't very nice)
2 Shit of shit / asshole of shit
3 You are so distusting
4 Piece of shit
5 You are really disgusting
6 Fuck off ("va" means "go"..vaffanculo in italian literally means "go and take it in the ass")
7 Bastard piece of shit / Bastard asshole

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