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Tonya Mitchell - I Don't Want To Fall In Love Lyrics

Who needs to feel that way
Who needs those words to say
Who wants to give their heart
To watch love fade away
Cause I made up my mind
I didn't want to know
Why should I find the love that isn't here to stay
I wasn't waiting
Until you came alone
And now I need you
To tell me where my heart belongs

But I don't want to fall in love
'Till I fall in love with you
And you showed me what my heart already knew
I don't want to fall in love
'Till I know the love is true
'Cause I need
You to feel the way I do
When I give my heart to you

I've seen the tears they cry
When it's time for goodbye
I didn't want to be the one
who's asking why
I didn't think that I would ever feel so strong
But now I know that I was wrong


Now I believe it's worth a chance
To find the love to last
For all my life
Give me a sign
So I
Will always know this love is right
This love is right

Chorus repeated until end

Tonya Mitchell lyrics

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