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Tinchy Stryder - Name On The Trophy Lyrics

Can Manchester United score? They always score
Giggs with a shot, Sherringham!
Name on the trophy
In to Sherringham
Name on the trophy

[Verse 1]
Uh, on your marks, get set, now let's go
Never last, hunger's right back, I want gold
Forgive me, Lord, for my sins on these dark roads
Had to black it out, had to show them this is my show
Headliner, designer, naked truth, Delilah
He's on the come-up, you're an adolescent U minor
I'm on my, I'm on my grown shit here
I'm not one to boast but I'm coasting here
Fuck it, man, I said it, I'm a class above the rest of 'em
Check my hitlist, boy, or should I name a few of 'em?
Living out the past? No, we're just tryna better them
Feel it in my body, feel that rush and the adrenaline
'09, UK, top male seller
2010, got soaked, what a stormy weather
"Let It Rain" really felt like "Game Over"
Named the album 'Third Strike', now I wish I never
Yeah, I put a curse on myself
But I came right back like pass me my belt
File out the old me, looking like a new me
Packed my own bag cause I'm primed and myself like that


[Verse 2]
Do you really want the fame, the paps and the bright lights?
Wild nights, that life?
Are you ready for the day when you can't see sunlight?
Night night, same time
Can't say I don't like it, tasted it, I tried it
Finger-licking lifestyle, in love with all the spices
But some couldn't pay the prices
We survived rich flow, that's why we're the nicest
We had to flip mode, we had to tiptoe
Duck down, hit 'em with it, hit a couple blows
Throw no no, everything felt so slow
Like it was moving in slow-mo
Took a step back, came with a setback
Really felt cold, how much can I stress that?
Got my team back, please believe that
I'm on my strongest, and I really mean that
Yeah, we don't grow long
From the start to the middle, let it roll on
Yeah, yeah, so I hold on
Cause we're speeding, calling it the home run, home run


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