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Tina Marie - All The Time Lyrics

Verse 1)
We don't see the sunshine
Until we stand some rain
Feel joy & happiness
Until we felt some pain
The way our eyes are open
Is such a cryin' shame
Why can't we count our blessings until they've gone away

Some have money to burn
While others don't have a dime to their name but, if you'r lucky, you will see
That we're all still the same
Searching for love
And a little peace of mind
So open your heart and see
It's been here all the time!

(Verse 2)
You say the life you're givin'
Has been all wrong, it seems
Well, tell me what's life worth livin'
Unless you've got a dream
Through the years the picture
Of your life will unfold
That it takes some fire & kindling
Before you find your heart of gold!

(Repeat chorus)

Tina Marie lyrics