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Three High - Losing Sight Lyrics

Elias: Oh you'll see, oh you'll see.

Uh and you said I ignored ya.
But really over everything do anything for ya.
Didn't really care said he wasn't important
Til I found you out and found out you were whorin.
I meant what's this for and how could you really cheat on me for him?
Inside your filthy and I thought you were gorgeous,
But what comes around goes around, orbit.
Yo, I see things differently.
Now that I am gettin it I knew that you'd regret it, but
I'll see you eventually. I used to love you but now we just enemies.
We used to talk about a family.
Said "I was nothin" and you want me financially,
But I got different plans you see.
So hang the phone up and delete or get used to the beep.

You don't gotta speak.
You'll still be in my memory as the worst part of me.

And you ain't gotta say shit. What was once a sure thing don't no longer
Make sense.
I been actin all short like I got no patience.
Cause I said I needed space and you been crazy every since.
I'm sayin shawty this somethin you can't fix.
Even though you as bad as a habit you can't kick.
I swear I'm burned out like a candle that ain't lit.
Cause me and you, we was oil and water, we aint mix.
I know you gon be out actin scandalous
And play it off with the excuse you couldn't handle this.
And somehow in the midst of all that probably call me 5 times, man I swear
I can't stand that shit.
So just know it's no more you and me and I'ma drink enough for 2 of me.
I'm feeling like I'm back up in my zone, cause trust me girl I'm better off
And you'll see.

And after the dust settles. All the lies and the arguments. What are we
Both left with?
Regret? Yes. But under it lies the lesson, love yourself before ever making
A selection.
Etched in stone, can't seem to contend with. To me you don't exist.
Nevermind saving a friendship. At wits end when even thinking of you.
I can't see how anyone of your friends could be friends with you.
But it ain't about that. I'm doing better without you and you want the boy
You claim you love me. You say you really miss us. You say you want us to
Be a family.
I doubt that. You left me in the dirt just to wither away.
But now the tables have turned and I'm better today.
I said it best when I left out the door.
Bet you try and find another but the homie ain't me.

Oh you'll see. Oh you'll see. I'm doing better, better on my own.

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