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The Who - Instant Party Mixture Lyrics

Shoop-shoop, shoop shoo-wada-wada (X12)

I guess you know what makes a party go,
If you don't we'd better let you know,
The reason why this scene is really hot,
(Yes it's all because they're smoking a new cigarette.)
It's called

Shoop-shoop, shoop shoo-wada-wada(X4)

From east to west the people gather 'round.
DJ's playing really groovy sounds,
He blasts the music, I would like more thrills
(That's because you really dig those ear-ache problems)

Shoop-shoop, shoop shoo-wada-wada (X4)

Don't hesitate to bring your mum and dad,
In case you think that they're at home in bed
What makes grandpa do the Monster Mash?
(It's because I filled me pockets up fast of sausage and mash.)

Shoop-shoop, shoop shoo-wada-wada (X4)

Ooooh, oooh-oooh, oh-oh ooh ooh ooh, oh-oh ooh ooh ooh

Shoop-shoop-shoop, shoop-shoop shoo-wada-wada (X12)

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