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The Wedding - Staring At The Light Lyrics

Redemption is waiting at your doorstep

He is begging you to let him in now

You can put all of it off again

But where's it gonna get you in the end?
The time is now so maybe you should think things out

Yea, take some time and think about it now
This is the only chance to do something about it (something about it)

And don't you put it off (cause you can't live without it)
Cause the time is now
And take your life back with a vengeance

For the first time you cannot have true love
Promise me you'll never sleep again

Cause until you find the answers there's no rest

To put to death the life you've lived in doubt

I'll show you all the things you've heard about
You are on the verge

Let go

Go on staring at the light
If you let go and just believe

You won't make a liar out of me

Come try and show me what you see

What I have is what you need
This is the only chance

Don't you put it off

The Wedding lyrics