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The Tossers - Traps And Ultimatums Lyrics

How can I enjoy myself with you always on my ass?

Memories of our greatest times lay shattered like a glass.

Youre trying to entrap me with the way you speak to me.

Youre trying to get an answer that I wont give easily.

Dont you know that I love you? But I want to run away,

from the traps and ultimatums, that youre giving me each day.

On eggshells all around you, its making me want to run further away.
I know that if I go youll bitch or tell me that you will leave.

Youre so sad and mad, it breaks my heart and were not happy.

I go out for a moments peace, from the things we said today,

but when I get home your questioning just drives me further away.
You are my love and I love you, but we cant do everything

together everyday, because it drives us nuts and you never liked shopping.

Wrong or right, someone has to lose, when anger is used in place of anxiety.

Why couldnt you find something nice to occupy you, cause you already lost me.
Socialization, self preservation, write it down, go out on the town,

read or write, a caf night, or going out with the boys to drink tonight.

I want to be with you, oh, but what you put me through.

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