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The Talks - Life In Colour Lyrics

These people around here are fed up, all smoked out
Shops are all boarded, left empty and closed down
Our radio brings news says well never recover
Followed by a jingle promoting deals at Tescos

Life in colors pretty, isn't it a pity,
Where having a grey day,
But Facebook status says (woo hoo)

Lighting fires, the burning city (Woo Hoo)
Calling London, Calling end of apathy
Rebels stand and fight, People stand up, Unite
Because it wont be alright.

Our mother she says that you boys are all trouble,
We cant drink Kia-Ora 'cause we get hyperactive.
Out father he said that times used to be better,
But like a pack around the town we were too young
And all too clever.

The Talks lyrics

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