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The Saw Doctors - Joyce Country CÉili Band Lyrics

Below you can find the popular Joyce Country CÉili Band lyrics performed by The Saw Doctors. We have tried to make the Joyce Country CÉili Band song lyrics as accurate as possible and hope you enjoy them.

Were the Joyce country ceili band
Playing away and were doing grand
Were singing a song wont you give us a hand
cos were the Joyce country ceili band

Friday night , off we go
Tune the fiddle , strain the bow
Take it handy for the first few sets
Sure theres hardly anyone listening yet

Thomas and Mary out on the floor
Well they never lost it, thats for sure
in his sparking shoes and his dazwhite shirt
Shes got a brand new perm
And a pleated skirt

We do dos and functions
Weddings and wakes
Meats and salads, buns and cakes
Well if you need a few tunes just
give us a call
For the house the pub or the parish hall
Theres a princess on the floor all night
She can fairly throw them shapes alright
Howya Bridie are you on you own?
Howreya fixed far a seat back home

Copyright D.Carton/L.Moran/P.Donnolly

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