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The Pitch Pipes - Today Is A New Day Lyrics

Softly on my skin,
High up in the sky and dreaming,
Today I'm sleeping in.

The sun is shining through the window,
A bright bright yellow cone,
Your head is laying on my pillow,
Today I'm not alone.

The smell of a new day,
Is more than I can say,
And you here laying by my side,
There's nothing else on my mind.

You opened all these doors,
Since we came together,
What comes will come, whats done is done,
No harm anywhere.

And hey!
You make me say:
Doopdoodoop doo
And hey!
You make me say:
Doopdoodoop doo
Today is a new day!

Opportunities are endless,
Nothing seems to fade,
My meeting starts in just an hour,
Guess I will be late.

But I don't care, I don't mind,
Losing once is overrated,
Life goes on, just don't resign,
Even if your hated.


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