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The Muses - The Gospel Truth Part 1 Lyrics

We are the muses
Godesses of the arts and proclaimers of heros
Heros like hercules!
Honey, you mean hunk-ules!
Whoooo hooo!
I'd like to make some sweet music with this-
Our story actually begins long before hercules, many eons ago...

Aaaaaah yeaaaah!
Back when the world was new,
And planet earth was down on it's luck,
And everwhere gigantic brutes called titans ran a muck!

It was a nasty place!
There was a mess wherever you stepped!
Where chaos raved and earthquakes and volcanos never slept!
(Whoo! Say it, girfriend!)

And then along came zeus!
He hurled his thunder bolts!
He zapped!
And locked those suckers in some bars!
Their trapped!
And on his own stoped chaos in it's tracks!

And that's the gospel truth!

It was time for two tight a's to just relaaaaxe!

And that's the worlds first dish!
(Yeah, baby!)
Zeus taimed the globe was still in his youth!
Though honey it may seem impossible, that's the gospel truth!

Na na na it's the striding streak
And smooth and sweet
They lose!

Though honey it may seem impossible that's the gospel truuuuuuuth!

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