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The Living End - No Reaction Lyrics

Below you can find the popular No Reaction lyrics performed by The Living End. We have tried to make the No Reaction song lyrics as accurate as possible and hope you enjoy them.

We've been through all of these things before

We've said a lot of these things before

It's starting to get boring
I might as well be talking to a wall

'Cause they're not listening anymore

You'll get no answers from them
You're knockin' on the wrong door

You'll soon find out there's...

No reaction

No reaction yet
They'll never answer you if you call

They'll never be there for you if you fall

So don't get broken hearted
They're watchin' every move you make

But still you find there's...
We've been through this all before

We've said a lot of this before

And it's startin' to sound like a worn out record

That no one wants to play
Sit back and pay attention

Seems we forgot to mention

We're conducting our own investigation

So get out of the way

The Living End lyrics