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The Koniac Net - Once, I Ruled By Myself Lyrics

Wait, wait on here
Please dont count it
Im a little more than you have heard;
Much more than youve made up

From the ground to my teeth
And all thats beneath
Do you twist and you mould
Open tales false and weak

But Im not putting up,
No Im not putting up
So clich:
Can you curb what rides the breeze?

I sound like Im right, But I could be wrong
Im not sure anymore

These moves sure confuse my moments of truth
I guess Im wrong Im not sure anymore

But I admit, oh I confess
I got caught up in my own mess
Im just a man who thought he could
Rule all by himself (rule, all by himself)

The tangled fibres I once wore
One by one I untangle those
To revise all Ive done
Now and forever more
I see good kindle like before
I see good. Breathe.

The Koniac Net lyrics