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The Jokerr - Till I Fall Lyrics

If the world just stopped for a minute would you take a look at your life
Stop and wonder if you're doing it right
Cause when you look back how you gon' feel with nothing to look at
The envelope I ain't sealing I'm trynna push that
And when your time is up, did you just die, give up?
Or did you ride till the rising sun
I'm not wasting my time in this world, I'mma give it my all
With everything that I do, till I fall, till I fall

[Verse 1: Masetti]
Yeah you know that I'mma ride out
Music is my therapy a place that I can hide out
And what I cried out I can never leave
I've been waiting for this moment since the day that I believed
I've been lonely, caught up in a worldwide tragedy
Missing what is actually, they listen but they have to see
The problem for itself, maybe I can help
I can emerge and give this world the encouragement that I felt
I've been defining the person as what I'm trying to be
Someone giving direction to the ones admiring me
And I've been so caught in things that can't change
The world is not mine, why do I blame myself?
I don't know but I got to go to the top and show
To the ones I gave my heart to mean much more than it all and a pot of gold
And I feel the Holy Spirit telling me that I'm on the way
Even though we have our problems there's no place I'd rather stay than here


[Verse 2: Dubbs]
The path I chose admittedly ain't ya average road
It's full of gaps and holes, pressure to collapse and fold
But still I'm ready to take flight, cause when you look back you talk about what a great night
I'm tryina see a great life
Until the paint's right I'mma keep changing
And rearranging this game leaving these beats blazin'
I been pushin' I swear that you got to in this
I'd rather regret doing something than not doing it
Head to the clouds, feet toward the forward path
I'm grabbin' hold of this moment homie before it pass
We gotta get a grip on the wheel before we crash
And keep it movin' even if we can't afford the gas
I'm more than mortified at hittin' like fourty-five
Or even worse, not making my mark before I die
So if ever you projected you would do better
You never can let it settle, keep pushing through stormy weather just stop...

[Verse 3: The Jokerr]
Hey, just stop for a minute, look around at the world
And imagine the happiness you felt as deep as I burrowed it's still there
But the world done told you a different story since
And the deep depression commenced when them problems put you on that fence
And you're still there
But why not tell it as a different story?
And think about you as a lonely hero, overcoming the struggle and giving up into a great victory
But you're conditioned to look at it all as such a waste
That you look past all the valuable lessons sitting there in front of your face now listen
I know it sucks ass, and I've been there too before
But imagine if all that pain wasn't all meant to be yours
We look past all that's golden and set our expectations high
We make our plans like spoiled little kids and throw our little fits when they don't go right but
Hold up, you know what, we gotta be real
We really don't have that much control (yup!)
Even if we did we show 'nuff would probably get it wrong any way like everything else we do
All I'm really gonna hope is that as I take life head on God will help me through


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