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The Govenor - Gaffled Like That Lyrics


[Richie Rich]
You ready Gov?

[The Govenor]

[Richie Rich]
Don't let them niggaz gaffled

[The Govenor]

[Richie Rich]
Hehe, run that shit

[Verse 1: The Govenor]
Yeah bitches, thanks to get worse
So meet 2Pac and Rich , each to go worse
To let ya know there how it really feel
And that these bitches can't fence with them river peals
I got news for ya baby
Times to getting shady (she crazy)
Thinking you can fade me
You're running games
And I know what's happening
Punk bitchez you're all about gaffle

[Richie Rich]
For the gov got ticked for a long ride (uh)

[The Govenor]
Yeah Nigga and jacked by the homicide
No joke, but the girl weren't flinchin (why's that?)
plead the fith, when they begin the mission
A young buck got smoked in a east
And there was rumors me and him had beef, say what?
I jumped back a few steps
I had a car pull me due to The House Reps
Your choke man is on
The piggies got me jacked in these brogues in this telephone
So don't say too much
I'm on the alias
But I'ma be in touched (cool)
Burst out on a bail tip
Back on the streets with my homies, fittin to kick it
I shoulda told 'em it was the Gov
And with The House Rip I would got much love
And it's an absolute fact
I never got gaffled like that (like that)

(Yeah) ima speak on this punk bitches though

[Richie Rich]
Yo Pac, gonna run that shit, yaknowImsayin'?

Yo gov

[The Govenor]
What's up, man

[Verse 2: 2Pac]
I never got gaffled like that
In fact I stay strapped
when niggaz try to jack
I caps back
The 9 Millimeter on the punk bitch
They don't want no fuck Rich
Don't make me pop a fucking drunk bitch (heeeey)
To these punk police
They don't know me
You're fucking with the Oakland OG
And yo it's true I wasn't raised here
But rhyme pays, so now a nigga stays here (like that)
And what about these bitchez on the pump sack
Heard to make it dope, so you know where the hoes at
They all know the nigga'z nuts
Now tell me who's the biggest slut
Come take a sip and, let a nigga fuck
And to these bitches that be swearing they seeing me
Hit the Hennessy
Now she's g ing me
I flip her ass like a flapjack
And she never got gaffled like that (like teflon)

And I means that shit yo
(Young Gov from the Oaky Oakland, ya'know?)
Yo Rich
(like that)

[Verse 3: Richie Rich]
Young Niggaz out to jack for a livin'
They thought they called the double slippin'
I'm right and tight on Thanksgiving
I'm in my set to drop your cutlass on golds
horns with a white topand
I watch them busterz fucking use it
Since I'm to the head I guess they that think that they can use me
But let me tell you what's real there
I stay strapped with my gap even when I'm in a fil mo
I'm trying to get my eats on
It's Thanksgiving and my cousin said he had a fat feast on
I'm picking seeds out my back dope
I got some broke-ass-niggaz trying to jack me from my gold ...
I'm going out to fund what
Sideways to the next life
Nigga on the one way
And going in the wrong direction
Time to cut the glock, cause yo that's my protection (right)
But it won't even that deep
I got ghost on the marks and a frisco pd
5 Niggaz in the L.T.D. trying to jack
I never got gaffled like that (Heard that dog)
YouknowI'msayin'? (Yeah!)
Straight salad? for '92

[Verse 4: The Govenor]
I never got gaffled by a hoe
Since I'm the one so close
I'm riding bitches like bows
They govern me yet
That I move on a bitch real quick
So young hoes peep this
Bitches like you get steam row, mucked up
Beat down and slapped with the mobile phone
Straight dick cause I'm short on the bubble gum
Young knuckle head bitch if you troublesome
Trying to put a nigga head on the chopping block
Telling me to come to get the cuts, say what?
I had to take this from yo, yo
bitch no you can play with the yoyo
Trying to send a nigga out to get hisself a nickname
He getting slapped with the big thang
I'm the G to the O to the V
The cock was cool but now the game ain't that deep
And this how I'ma end the track
I never got gaffled like that

[Outro: The Govenor]
Yeah, send this out to my partner Young D
couldn't be able to make this thang
What's up B-Baby?
What's up lou
I'm in a hoe for '92
Big Gov's stompin
That's it....

The Govenor lyrics