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The Good Husbands - Things I Haven't Done Lyrics

There's too many things I haven't done yet,
There's too many sunsets, I haven't seen

Yo I get this feelin pourin into my bones
Like my soul opened up and the sun got cloned
And my boys are back home, and we all in the mix kid
Throwin back brews like it's nobodies business
This shit, right here is a miracle
Sittin in the lab with a pen gettin lyrical
Thinkin bout the future, lookin at the rearview
Knowin that the man in the mirrors real cheerful
Nothin but love, december in seattle and I'm missin the glove
I got work on Christmas, that wasn't on the wish list
But it'll work out, I got my chin up in this,
Bitch I'm unbreakable, Polomalu hair flow so unmistakable
Pass me the mic like a bottle I'm a take a pull
Every other day of my life's like a festival
This iridescent glow only goin up, got the husbands in the cut, waitin like a bomb tick boom man we blowin uuup

Hello good morning wit it, roll down the windows
Tell'm I don't give a fuck if it's the Northwest pourin
In across the floor again, socks yup no fresh haircut
Foldin up my bed like accordions, and yes
He's the type of dude that moves around the furniture
New day, new point of view and that's refreshing,
Cause this that next shit new bevel cut,
Can you feel the treble hit, get the bread and toast it up,
Cause last night danced threw it into reverse,
I'm growing outta this beat like a medium shirt,
And it's not, sixth grade but gotta get paid
And I'm glad that summer keeps on fuckin with my birthday,
Cause it's that golden age of hip hop,
Anybody flip one gonna hear that street talk, so I just
Keep on telling em runnin on marathons get em on recordings
Doin things you've never done before,


There's so many things I'm gonna do,
Cuz there's so many things that I wanna do, cuz we wont stop till we on top and it's gonna rock lookin down on you,
Buzz lightin up this beat to infiniti and beyone,
He said reach for the sky thanks Woody be on,
Youtube check, GMAD check, One five double O plus views check it, Please hopefully we climb this mountain cuz there's just too much for we need to see,
So many, places to go, so many people to meet,
So many potential shows, people standin on their feet,
Cuz we can't stop won't stop high like the airlines,
Young and gun'n throwin clocks lookin for airtime,


I want it all, black card with a white benz,
A blue tux a few chicks that are like tens,
Sold out shows fill up the venue,
Gold records and new clothes everything on the menu,
I wanna be rich like see the chains,
And throw down money like keep the change,
I want teak and grain in the cleanest range,
While I rover the streets bumpin beats I laid,
I hear the speakers tweet, I want seats so close I hear the sneakers squeek,
I wanna be courtside like spike and jack,
Sippin cola I snuck in spiked with jack
Yeah I'm gon be big like Notorious B-I
See I be high husbands buzzin like a bee hive,
I want you to hear my songs, know how to name'm
Hear F.H. and be like that's where they came from
Yeah, gettin scenic in the golden sun
You might say that I'm a dreamer not the only one,
I'm not the only one... Yeah

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