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The Godfathers (kool G Rap & Necro) - Once Upon A Crime Lyrics

[ VERSE 1: Necro ]
I started as a vandal in Tribeca, protection, debt collector
Manhandling, murder, convert a desert to a gambling Mecca
Chop chop, garages, making gwop off your garbage
Construction jobs make the mob rich, harbors with barges
Packed with containers and compartments
With stolen objects and garments
Menages in massage parlors and brothels in apartments
Speak a word to the sergeant
Snitch and you'll disappear like ElDebarge did
Kid, and I'll beat the charges
You'll get barbequed in your cell quadrant
Choke on the foggage
Esophagus, carbon monoxide, cloggage, guards watching
Dodging barrages of cartridges aimed at my squadron
Fuck you, I'll Buck at you like Rogers
I'm going out like Gotti from natural causes, blood clots and heart disease
Old like Corrado Soprano with blocked carotid arteries
Obnoxious like Omar Suarez, more violent than Juarez
Mexico with the cartels - Who's next to go?
Kill you manually, over 7 billion annually
Money like that could buy your way into heaven, chilling casually
Coke Fuhrer, celebrity status, anti-establishment
Folk hero at the Copa, poking jokes at the Bureau
Try to decipher the pathological mind set of a crime vet
Trifer than most, knife you up close, laugh and sip wine, Moet
That's how the family is
You could be sent to put an end to good friend's
Life and be expected to handle biz


[ HOOK: Necro ]
Once upon a crime
Two street gangsters rose up to run hip-hop
Run up on you with nines
Say goodnight to the bad guy
We'll make you bleed
Necro and Kool G Rap, we the first of a new breed
Once upon a crime
Two lyrical criminals, we rule the underworld
The New York dons of rhyme
Say goodnight to the bad guy
You'll never see gangsters like G Rap and Necro again

[ VERSE 2: Kool G Rap ]
Vendettas over violins and cellos, ships port from Portobello
Kid you'se a heel, you nothing short of a whore's stilettos
Boss of the fellows, 200 grand horse in the meadows
Acapellas of Sinatra, Pavarotti opera
Doppler effect, correct, ride by with the choppper
Envelopes lookin sweet, fist and the meat district
Waldorf Astoria suite, in the sheets with the heat lifted
Reach and get clips, got three slick chicks
Hooked to heron, all needing that needle stick fix
Rubber hose on they elbows and calf muscles
Rub foes out, ice picks and brass knuckles
Think shit a joke? I'll be havin the last chuckle
Rum trucks, movin the cash double
We chewin pasta up in night clubs, white rugs
Take your shoes off, baby, you hear me?
I'll put your name up in light bulbs
Rockette dancer with the white gloves
Tight snug pussy on her
I just might give her the bookie corner
This crook be on her

5 Star General shit

[ HOOK: Necro ]

The Godfathers (kool G Rap & Necro) lyrics