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The Cleveland Show - Cleveland's Rap Lyrics

Below you can find the popular Cleveland's Rap lyrics performed by The Cleveland Show. We have tried to make the Cleveland's Rap song lyrics as accurate as possible and hope you enjoy them.

Strait out of Stoolbend
A crazy! @#$ name Cleveland
This is my left hand
This is my! @#$ hand
I'm spittin for wisdom
Than Morgan Freeman
They call me hot brown
And the C-Bizzal
I don't mind the rain
If the rain is just a drizzle
Wizzle, wazzle, woozle, wait
Razzle, dazzle, doozle, date
B. I. G C. L. E. V. E
Relatively std free
Drop Loretta
Now I'm doing much better
Like upgrading to a escalade from jetta
Yo hay Donna I wanna get on ya
And I'm kind of hungry so make some lasagna
I got a son, he's like a big fat urkel
But when he's in the nude, he's like a big fat circle
Did I do that, yeah you're big and fat
Drinking melted butter for a mid-night snack
Shout-outs to Rallo, hello
You're two feet tall with a three foot afro
And my homegirl Roberta, I don't mean to hurt ya,
But more dudes have laid on ya than a mattress named Serta
Ya'll just must consider me, you can't get rid of me
I'm a Cleveland steamer, come and take a big ol! @#$ on me
My flow is the voice, whit boys do my voice
And my rhymes are even harder than Sophie's Choice!

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